Saturday, November 6, 2010

Meet the Artist :: Jade Doskow

Jade Doskow is a current MFA candidate in photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Currently, she's been working on an obsessive project, documenting Worlds Fair sites across the globe.

new york state pavillion, queens, ny 1964
Antomium, Brussels 1958

I was drawn to her work because of the juxtaposition of these grand architectural forms that had been built for these fairs and the vacant spaces or, in some cases, unrelated cityscapes that now exist in that space.

Burodesign, Brussels 1958

according to the artist's statement about the project, the images in the World Fair series examine how a piece of architecture intended for a temporary purpose interacts with an unforeseen 21st century environment and how the ideas of each era’s Worlds Fair are reflected in these sites.

To me, her photos present a perfect mix of future thinking, nostalgia and a touch of loneliness- like when the circus leaves a town.


Doskow will present a selection from this series for the DCAC show.

check out her travel blog here!-

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