Thursday, October 20, 2050

welcome to the new future::

In the 50s and 60s projections of the future ran rampant. TV shows like the Jetsons showed a civilization with conveyor-belt sidewalks, automated houses and robotic maids, Sci-Fi authors like Arthur C. Clarke and Ray Bradbury wove tales of space travel and new colonies on Mars. Fashion and Architecture shone with metallics and repeated boomerang shapes.

Things would be so wonderful-- your alarm clock would make your coffee and toast. You’d hop into your hover-mobile to get to work, and then beam yourself to Hawaii for a quick weekend getaway…

Fast forward 50 years, and things are a little different than expected. There are no moving sidewalks, and we’re using the same space rockets that launched 50 years ago.

In this new millennium, years of frivolous spending, producing and depleting have come back to haunt us. Environmental concerns combined with mounting tensions in the global arena have left us earthlings on the edge of our seats, fingers crossed!!…

The artists in this show bring to you a ‘new future’-- not as shiny and new as the ’old future’ but not dull either. Together, they present a mash-up of the past, present and future- leaving the viewer with ideas of what the next 50 years may have in store.

The New Future Features : :
Jade Doskow (Brooklyn, NY)
Benjamin Edwards (Washington, DC)
Jo Wonder (London, UK)
Urban Scout (Portland, OR)

*catalog available at the opening reception, or by request

*sunglasses provided at the opening reception

*tell your friends! mark your calendars!
Friday, Dec. 14th 7-9pm, DCAC Gallery